April is a time when most students typically go on spring vacation or celebrate holidays, often taking a few days to a week off from school. Many will spend their break enjoying the downtime by lounging around the house watching television or playing video games. Few obligations and no plans usually mean boredom sets in, which can lead to unnecessary snacking and little to no activity. With the whole family under one roof, why not make plans to enjoy the time together and beat the boredom?

Opt Outside

Want to get the family active? The best place to start is outdoors! With so many free and inexpensive options for fresh air activities, you’re certain to find something each family member enjoys. Whatever direction you choose, involving your kids in the planning process gets them invested and excited! Some ideas to get you started:

   • Set out for a hike or bike ride on a local trail
   • Spend a day at the park flying kites, running relay races or playing a good old-fashioned game of tag
   • Try something new and sign up for a family-friendly outdoor yoga class
   • Create a kickball team with your neighbors and their families

Swap the Tech

Between the instant entertainment provided by television, smartphones, and video and computer games, it’s no surprise that kids and teens love their screen time. If the suggestion of getting your family outside is met with groans and grumbles, try meeting them halfway. If you own a video game system, opt for games that encourage movement! Join in the fun as your child dances, skis, bowls, or plays another activity-based video game. Additionally, there are plenty of dance, fitness and yoga videos easily accessible online. Lead by example, find a favorite video and encourage your family to get moving with you!

The Family that Cooks Together…

Rather than eating out or ordering in while the kids are on break, get them interested in good nutritional habits. Spend some time together creating a balanced meal plan that includes a few of their favorites. Do the grocery shopping together and talk about why you chose each ingredient for your meal. Cooking is creative, messy and fun, so let your kids be hands-on in the kitchen. Not only will this time set the foundation for better nutritional choices, it also allows your family time to just enjoy each other’s company.